Google is preparing to launch facial recognition for its image search. The feature will be an advanced search option when conducting image searches. This will make the popular activity of vanity searches available in image search. Initially this service will only allow users to distinguish between images of faces and those of objects, logos etc.

You can try out the new facial search by “&imgtype=face” to the end of the image search results URL, or try following the links bellow for a search for FORD with and without facial search.

FORD normal

FORD with image type FACE

ROSE normal

ROSE with image type FACE

One has to wonder when Google will look to monetize image search and how it will go about do this? If it is looking to improve and therefore drive more traffic to the service then surely it must be thinking about a business model. Perhaps it could put small image based ads down the right hand side of the results screen to fit in with the layout of the page…