Are you interested in startups? Would you like to launch your own startup one day? Do you want to meet people who share your passion for technology startups? If so, you should attend the H2 Startup Weekend next week.

At H2 Ventures we are super excited to be holding another Startup Weekend in Sydney with the support of our Principal Partner Westpac. We held our first Startup Weekend last September and it was a blast so we decided to do it again.

I often meet people who say they are interested in startups but don’t know where to start or how to find a co-founder. This is the best way I know.

Whether you are looking for: feedback on an idea, a co-founder, new skills, or a team to help you execute, the H2 Startup Weekend is the perfect environment in which to take the first steps towards launching your own startup.

What is the H2 Startup Weekend?

From my discussions with friends and family it has become apparent that most people have no idea what a Startup Weekend is or who it’s for. So I decided to try and answer these questions and give you a bit more flavour of what to expect at the H2 Startup Weekend.

Simply put, the weekend will be 54-hours of high intensity fun and learning-by-doing!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work in a startup then this is your opportunity to see what it’s really like. You will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure of creating a startup whilst being supported by some of the best mentors in the industry.

The weekend will begin on Friday evening with a team forming exercise. Anyone who has an idea (and you certainly don’t have to have an idea) gets up and briefly describes their idea to the room. Once all of the ideas have been described and the most popular ideas selected, you form teams around the ideas that most appeal to you. The rest of the weekend then involves developing, validating and refining that idea before concluding on Sunday evening with demos and presentations to a panel of esteemed judges who will determine the winning teams. All food (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) and drinks will be supplied across the weekend.


At the end of the weekend the winning teams will take home prize packs with everything a founder needs to create the next world beating startup, along with credits for AWS cloud hosting and Academy Xi bootcamps.

While everyone likes to win, the main aim of the weekend is to build a stronger startup ecosystem by creating more connections between potential founders, to learn about the importance of validation and most importantly to have a really great social weekend with like-minded startup enthusiasts.

I’m not saying you’ll meet the perfect co-founder, launch a startup that goes on to be a unicon before retiring to your private island in the Caribbean, but I’m not not saying it either.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome. We like people who have been to Startup Weekends before but we love people who haven’t. The H2 Startup Weekend is all about introducing you to what it’s like to be in a startup so please, if you’re thinking about joining us but are nervous about taking the plunge, just do it.

We are always keen to get more designers and developers along to these weekends, they add great value to the teams they join… so if this is you PLEASE COME!

Do I need to have an idea for a new startup to attend?

No, you do not need an idea. Each idea will need a team, so even if you do come with an idea you may not get to work on it, it will be up to the wisdom of the crowd to determine which ideas are worked on over the weekend. So don’t worry if you don’t have an idea.

I thought H2 was all about fintech, do I have to work on a fintech idea?

No, at H2 we invest in fintech as we think this is a really great space to invest, however, we are running this Startup Weekend to support the next generation of startup founders and the local startup ecosystem as a whole. Of course, if you are working on a fintech idea we’d love to see you.

What do I need to bring?

Just bring yourself and an open mind (oh and your laptop/tablet/mobile). We will provide food and drinks, and everything else you need for the weekend.

When and where?

The H2 Startup Weekend will kick off at 5pm on Friday the 3rd of March and will continue through to 7:30pm on Sunday the 5th of March 2017, it will be held at the newly opened WeWork co-working space in Pyrmont (100 Harris St, Sydney).

A massive heartfelt thanks to our amazing supporters

This event could not happen without the generous support of our Principle Partner Westpac and our sponsors: WeWork, Accru Felsers, Amazon Web Services and Simply Wall St.


This is a community run event to support the startup ecosystem, the ticket price goes towards meals, drinks, t-shirts and other event costs. Tickets are available at

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